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Once upon a time there was a glob of goo named Bob. Bob was like most other American citizens;he woke up each morning,drank coffee, and headed to work. Even though Bob was just a glob of goo,he still worked hard. He had a wife,Ann,a daughter,Annie,and a son,Bobbi, to take care of. One day as Bob woke up,as he always did,he felt very strange,like the feeling you get when you know you should just stay in bed,but he shook it off and headed downstairs for his daily dose of morning coffee and doughnuts. Once sitting in his chair at the kitchen table,he was approached by his daughter Annie, "DADDY! BOBBI THREW HIS DOUGHNUT AT ME!" she whined. Bob looked over to see that his wife,Ann,who was the problem solver with the kids,was not here. "Hush down. Where is Mommy?" Bob asked. Annie oozed over to the counter and picked up a sticky note and handed it to Bob. "Mommy told me to give this to you when you woke up." Bob glanced at the peice of paper. Something didn't seem right. Bob knew his wife never wrote on sticky notes. He read it anyway: An emergency came up. I had to go to Gramma's house. Call the baby-sitter. Love you, Ann. Bob put down the paper and dialed the baby-sitter's number,then after that called Ann's cell phone. It rang a couple times then was picked up by an unfamiliar voice: "Hello Bob. I have been expecting your call. Ha ha ha. If you ever want to see your wife again you must come to 1792 Onion AVE. Got it? I will be waiting and you better not call the police. Or else....*BEEEEP*. That quick he hung up. Bob was speechless. He oozed as fast as he cold out the door and towards his car. "DAD WHAT'S UP? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Bobbie yelled after his dad. Bob stopped and yelled back "STAY THERE AND WAIT FOR THE BABBYSITTER I WILL BE RIGHT BACK." He didn't want to scare the kids. He drove as fast as he could to the address. After a fast drive to the other side of town he was there. Parked in the drive way was Ann's brand new mini van he bought her for her birthday, He quickly got out and busted through the door to find Ann tied up in a dark eerie room. A short guy walked into the room. "Hello Bob. That was fast. I knew you would come. Now the only way you can get your wife back is by...buying a condo in Florida. We have a vareity of different sizes and colors! We have some by the coast and in central Florida. Here,I will go get my catalog. Okay this one here,is the one your wife likes,this one here is personally my favorite. Which one do you like? I need your deposit as soon as possible." Bob stared at the man blankly. He kidnapped my wife and tied her up just to make us by condos? "No I will not buy a condo!!! I want a pet chinchilla! Now I will battle you till my thumb gets cut off! HI-YAHH!!!" To Be Countinued... Please comment and rate this so it can be the best! I will finish the story later!

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(account deleted) Sat Jun 13th, 2009 12:44 PM
Ain't it funny? I know....when I have time today will finish it!!! I'm busy tho.