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a guy named Fred had never been out of his home before!so he decided to finally take his first walk! so first he walks past two people getting married and heard them say "I DO". then he walked a little further and heard a guy saying "YES YES YES YES". because he had just won the lottery! then he walked past a guy robbing a bank and heard the word "SHOT GUN SHOT GUN". so he walked a little further and came to a T.V store and there was a commerical on the T.V screen and the commerical was saying "PLUG IT IN, PLUG IT IN."so finally he walks past two cops trying to solve a crime and they asked fred if he knew anything about a little girl getting killed. and he said "I DO" then they asked if he killed her and he said "YES YES YES YES". and then the cops asked him what he killed her with and he said "SHOT GUN SHOT GUN". and then the cops said ok were guna have to give you the death pennalty and put him in the electric chair and fred said "PLUG IT IN,PLUG IT IN"

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(account deleted) Wed Apr 15th, 2009 8:12 PM
lol if you dont get it. he is repeating everything he heard to the cops! lol. FUNNY STUFF