We at Craterfish would like to offer a special thanks to those other individuals who have made this website possible.

William Hoza

William is one of the primary graphics artists who helped Craterfish look not quite as ugly as it could look. He has also made countless suggestions that have improved all aspects of Craterfish to make them what they are today. In addition to these broader contributions, William has also helped with technical details, such as finding flash sound players that can be integrated with javascript, or determining the precise science of positioning keys on a piano keyboard.

Kathleen Hoza

Kathleen took most of the photos that seen as the background of pages such as this one. She has also contributed by making many suggestions pertaining to all different features of the website.

Julianna Hoza

Julianna designed Bubbles in a notebook, and forced us to play it with a pencil by crossing out the numbers in order. At first this seemed like a dumb idea for a game, but pretty soon we realized that it was brilliant. Julianna continues to suggest new features, such as the ability to further customize personal account graphics in various ways.

John Canfield

In addition to providing priceless inspiration and encouragement, John Canfield is the artist that portrayed the Craterfish in its most modern interpretation. As the Craterfish is a very rare animal, and very few actual photographs have been taken of it, this artwork is imperative to capturing the essence of what our work here is all about.

John also drew the Ophidia logo that helped to bring about the aesthetics that are reminiscent of old arcade games.

Thank you, John.