Choose Your Own Adventure Competition

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By Me
- 91 between 81 and 100 6 - The Dead Fish
- 76 between 47 and 100 6 - Adventure
How it Works
Users such as yourself can create documents by going to My Account -> Edit Documents . Once you create a document, you can submit it to a competition such as this one. Other Craterfish users will then rate your document. Some math will then be used to determine which entries are statistically tied, and assign places to each entry with 15 ratings and an absolute rating range smaller than or equal to 30.

Submit a Choose Your Own Adventure
Select one of your documents from the drop-down list below. Note that a copy of your document will be submitted, and you will not be able to modify the submitted copy (although you will be able to remove it from the competition). You may want to double check your work before submitting. Please note that any inappropritate submissions will result in account deletion.